Whole 30 Drop Out


It’s been interesting around here at the Podtastic household since the last time that I posted. After successfully following a Paleo/Primal lifestyle for several months, a fell back in to my old ways of eating. My Depression and Anxiety went up a notch and I had to up my medicine. In November 2012 I had to have emergency Gallbladder Surgery and found out that my Liver enzymes are elevated. In December 2015 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and I totaled my car. In February 2016 I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease. After all of that, I decided that I needed to start focusing on me again and decided to attempt my third Whole 30.

Things went great the first week, even the second week, but then on Day 10 I caved and weighed myself. On Day 12 I had a cocktail. On Day 15 I had some Diet Iced Tea. And finally, today, Day 19 I had an Iced Coffee from McDonald’s. I think that it is time to come to terms with the fact that this Whole 30 just got downgraded to a Whole 19.

It’s okay though. I’m not upset, I’m not disappointed in myself. I’ve done a lot of good things over the last 19 days. I’ve managed to make healthy food choices. I’ve given up Gluten again. I look better. I’ve dropped a few pounds. And most importantly, I feel better. Isn’t that what we all want? To feel better? I feel better when my pants get loose. I feel better when I don’t consume large quantities of dairy. I feel that my skin looks better when I’m not eating gluten.

So, maybe I failed at my latest Whole 30 attempt, but in the process, I’ve found myself again, and I’ve found the way of eating that works best for me and makes me feel my best. That’s good enough for me.


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Ginger Basil Pop


Soda has been one of the hardest things for me to give up while transitioning to Paleo/Primal. Diet soda to be exact. There’s just something about that bubbly sweetness that I just can’t seem to give up. I’m better, in that I don’t drink a 2 liter a day anymore, but I do sometimes allow my self a diet soda (or 2 or 3) when we go out to dinner. I always told myself “it’s diet soda, it’s no big deal” but really, it is. There is nothing good in that list of ingredients, and yet you can’t pry it out of my cold dead hands. 

I’ve been drinking it less and less as my diet has moved to natural, whole, organic foods, but it’s still always there. But then one day, I had an idea. There has been a soda maker sitting in our hall closet for two years collecting dust. I decided to give making my own soda a try. This is the first recipe that I came up with, and now it’s a staple. It’s not calorie free, but has just enough sweetness and fizziness to get me over my cravings. 

Ginger Basil Pop

1 liter water plus 2 cups
1/4 cup sliced ginger root
1/4 cup fresh basil
1/4 cup organic coconut sugar (more if you prefer sweeter)

Add 2 cups of water, the basil, and ginger to a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. 

Once it boils, reduce the heat to low and reduce until 1/2 cup of water remains. Strain through a cheese clothe and then put back in the saucepan over medium-low heat. Add the sugar and stir until sugar is melted. Continue cooking and reduce until approximately 1/4 cup of syrup remains, it should coat your spoon. Remove from heat and set aside to cool. 

While your syrup cools, prepare your carbonated water per the instructions on your soda maker. Slowly add your cooled syrup to your carbonated water until combined. Refrigerate for 12 hours or overnight, and enjoy!

(I like just a touch of sweetness but you can easily double the sugar in this recipe)

Did you try this recipe? Comment below and tell me what you think!