Well butter my biscuit, er, GF Muffin


Butter. Probably second in line behind my first love, bacon. And like with anything, I of course had to figure out how to make my own. Turns out, it isn’t that hard. Thinking back, I’ve made butter by accident, though then, I just thought that it was ruined whipped cream. I like to taste my butter, so I don’t cook with it often, I prefer to put it on top of veggies, steaks, etc. so that I can taste it with every bite. That said, when I make my butter, it’s a huge splurge. The Heavy Cream that I buy, while delicious, is not cheap, but it is oh so worth it. 
Following are the step by step instructions for making your own butter, but it really is essentially fool proof.
Here’s what you’ll need to make butter:
1 pint organic heavy cream

Stand Mixer 

Dish Towel (splash guard if you have one)

Salt (if desired, I use Himalayan Sea Salt)

Add the cream to the mixing bowl on your blender. You’ll want to use your splash guard if you have one here, if not, loosely wrap a dish towel around your stand mixer. 

Using the Wire Whip turn on and slowly increase the speed to high. After a minute or so, you can drop the towel as the initial splashing will be over and for a while it will just look like whipped cream in the bowl. 

But keep an eye on your whipped cream. Depending on the quality of your cream, it can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes for the butter to separate from the butter milk. 

When this starts to happen, shut off your mixer and switch over to the flat beater, as it will be more gentle on your butter. You’ll need your towel again here, turn on the mixer slowly up to high speed again until the butter is fully separated from the butter milk.

 At this point, you want to drain off the butter milk. I also squeeze out any butter milk that is still inside the butter as well. This can be done in small batches in your bare hands or if you prefer, you can place your butter in some cheese cloth and squeeze out that way. Once the butter is squeezed out, I put it back in the stand mixer and add 1tsp +/- salt, depending on taste. That’s it. I store mine in a small ramekin at room temperature. Enjoy!

Pictured below, my homemade butter vs store bought. I know which one I’d prefer!


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