Spring Fever

Every Day

Is that anything like Cat Scratch Fever? I sure hope not, because that sounds less than pleasant!

Actually, I do believe that Spring Fever is a real thing. I’m not a cold weather person, and every year in February I start to crave the warmth. I look out the window on those sunny winter days wishing and dreaming that it were 80 degrees outside instead of 20. March comes and is always a tease. You get a few days here and there of nice weather, but then that damn lion that came in with the beginning of the month rears its ugly head. And this year, the lion hung around well in to April when we got a rare April snow. That was not fun.

That said, I feel like it is finally safe to say that Spring is here. And with that always seems to come my renewed motivation. My exercise of choice is walking outside and it just doesn’t happen when it gets dark at 4pm and is only 32 degrees during the day time. But with Spring time and warmer and longer days, I have fewer excuses and finally get back out there and start moving. We also have a puppy this year who needs to be worn down on the daily, so that gets me moving as well.

There is nothing better than walking out my front door on a Spring evening with the puppy by my side, kids playing in the neighborhood, neighbors cutting the grass or grilling and birds singing. There is something about that combination of sights and sounds that feels like Spring. That feels like the long winter is finally gone, there is new life and new hope and I’m once again seeing the possibility of a new me. I tell myself, this is the year that I will get healthy, this is the year that I will take control of my life and my body and my spirit, tonight I will walk and tomorrow I will continue on the path to a smaller pants size.

I like myself in the Spring. I’m a dreamer. An idealist. I’m motivated. I love myself. That’s the problem you see. Everything is connected. When the weather starts to cool down in the fall, it goes from me enjoying those crisp evening walks to me snuggling up on the couch watching tv with my honey. I become less motivated to eat well and more motivated to make and indulge in comfort foods. One things leads to another and next thing I know I’m craving Spring to get back on my feet, to get motived and to again, get healthy, and take control of my life and my body and my spirit. It’s cyclical, and for me, that isn’t necessary a good thing. I always tell myself, this will be the year that I don’t let Winter get this best of me. This will be the year that I maintain my healthy habits through the cold months and maybe even spend some time on that dreaded treadmill. Maybe this will be the year, but maybe it won’t. But one thing is for sure, I’m going to march forward into this Spring with the same ideals and dreams that I do every year. I will worry about the hear and now and just hope upon hope that this is the year that I finally find a way to love myself enough to continue through the cold months and hopefully next Spring won’t start with a fever, but instead will be a continuation of the steps that I am taking for myself today.


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